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We'll use this site to introduce our business and explain the goods and services we have to offer. In this area, we might also include our company history, our business philosophy, or a section with customer accolades.

Special Offer

Baby Southern Flying Squirrels. Hand tamed, great pet.
For complete information on taking care of a Flying Squirrel visit
$125 to $150 Local Great pets
$175 Shipped Not Local  Great pets
$80-$100 shipped for adult flying squirrels (For Breeding) Good breeders not for pets.
$50 local (For Breeding) Good breeders not for pets.
 Flying Squirrels should be available in September or October.

Hours: E-mail any time. Call evenings

How To Order

E-mail me at Most likely pay by money order.


Mailing  address only given if e-mail me to do buisness.

Phone: only given if e-mail me to do business

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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